Bad Books

Book: The Dark God: Exploring the Male Shadow by Marcia Starck
Why I don't like it: It does not give much information about any of the deities it talks about, nor does it provide any new or thought-provoking discussion. There are other books that deal with each of the figures in this book, but which do so much more competently.
Suggested alternate reading: I really don't know of any single book that covers the male shadow aspect well. There are other books that cover male deities, and do it well, but not as a compilation centered on dark masculine aspects.

Author: Ralph Blum (all works)
Why I don't like his works: For the most part, his work ignores most traditional lore - he makes up his own order for the runes, and makes up a new stone ( a blank stone ) which has no basis in tradition, and makes no sense within the culture.

Book: 21 Lessons of Merlyn by Douglas Monroe
Why I don't like it: It is misogynistic in the extreme, which is not Druidical. It ignores available texts which are truly historical and touts a patriarchal, monotheistic perspective more like that of the Knights Templar than either ancient or modern Druidry. And it contradicts known historical information.

Book: Faery Wicca Books 1 / 2 by Kisma Stepanich
Why I don't like them: Unattributed quotations from the works of other people, and lots of sloppy research resulting in downright inaccuracies, historical, mythic, and logical.

Book: E. A. Wallis Budge (all works)
Why I don't like them: I don't recommend any books by Budge on the Egyptian line because he didn't do the work on most of his books; his students did and he took credit. This is what I have heard from our leader the Nisut. So we don't follow any of Budge's books as Kemetic orthodoxy.

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