At Pagan Diversity, we don't make statements like, "ALL Pagans believe..." or "Paganism is an earth-centered religion", because we know that Paganism is more than just one religion and covers a LOT of practices and beliefs! We think that our diversity should be celebrated instead of pigeonholed into any one group's way of doing things.

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About Paganism and Wiccan religions

Since its foundation, Paganism has been spread on all continents. With its peaceful beliefs in the harmony of nature and a balanced life, there is no wonder that this ancient religion is adopted by many. From worldwide tribes to developed civilizations, this practice is very much alive. Free your soul and mind from the weight of people’s preconception and lead a life in harmony with all the parts of the Universe. Appreciate simple things like a sunrise or the beautiful flowers.

The Pagan belief centers on the divinity of nature. Every individual must recognize the powerful life and death cycles. The followers worship the divine in all the natural forms like a tree, animal and more. They think that all persons are born free to do everything they want as long as they do not harm others. Paganism is mainly based on personal experience and its ceremonies seek a connection with the divine forms of the world.

The Wiccan movement is popular among the Pagan communities. Developed in England and promoted by Gerald Gardner in the 1954, this tradition draws upon various ancient pagan traditions. Let Pagan Diversity guide your way to the lifestyle you need. As every ritual is unique, you can choose different mythology deities for a different holiday or sabbats. If you need entertainment in your life, do not spend your nights and choose the creative ceremonies.

All Wiccans invoke the elements of nature in their rituals. There are eight annual festivals called sabbats that mark the change of a season. These celebrations last from one sunset to the following one, while the majority of the monthly rites take place on nights with full moon. Enjoy the mystical atmosphere they create with the lit candles, bonfires and other lights. For the indoor events, some of the witches have special rooms designated as temples.

Take pleasure in the special spaces for the rites that are renewed every single time. The circle is purified with a broomstick and afterwards blessed with the natural elements of the earth. Within this place there are performed rituals. Keep in mind that this religion is not dogmatic and follows personal inspirations. You will pursue your own vision and personal interpretation. The divine can come from ancestral deities or from the elements of the Universe.

Life can only be beautiful if it is lived in harmony with someone and with the environment in which everyone stays. Most times, some principles are not enough because in certain cases they cannot assure the success. As life is made not only of nature and the people who crave balance, Paganism has come up with methods that can help you exceed the obstacles you meet. Take joy in every treasure of the planet and respect it.

Paganism is a wonderful practice for everyone who needs equilibrium in their lives. With more and more stress you face every day, there is a great possibility that you might ignore the beauty of morning dew on the flowers or a moonlight that caresses the forests. Discover a new lifestyle and appreciate the wonders of the world. Nurture your love for the nature and support it with your actions. Embrace the Paganism concepts and improve your existence!

Tea tree oil benefits

Tea tree, also known as melaleuca, is widely known for its ability to kill bacteria, fungus, viruses and has been on the market for years now. Most doctors choose to prescribe it to people in replacement of other types of medications since tea tree oil is highly effective, with no known adverse side effects. In addition to scientifically and locally backed benefits, tea tree oil is affordable and safe if used as directed. It contains many ingredients, e.g. terpinen-4-ol, which gives tea tree oil its antimicrobial property.

Tea tree oil fight against infections

tea tree oil

Terpinen-4-ol contained in tea tree oil increases its power to stimulate the white blood cells, the blood component which helps the body to fight against germs and other harmful foreign things which are harmful to one’s health. This germ-fighting characteristic makes it be highly used for the treatment of bacteria and fungi related infections. Check out ZetaClear store info center at for more information on fungal infections. Tea tree oil-containing- products are being used today as home remedies to nurse acne on all skin types without causing any complications. It has also proved to play a significant role in scalp stimulation, remove dandruff, alleviate dry flaking skin and moisturize hair strands, hence restoring people’s normal hair growth.

Tea tree oil is a perfect choice for use on nail fungus and bacterial infections since it has the potential to kill such microorganisms. If the fungi resist, the oil can be mixed with natural anti-fungal oregano oil in order to increase its effectiveness in treating athlete’s foot, candida, and onychomycosis, among other fungal conditions. Most clinical tests prove the efficacy of this natural ointment in boosting wound healing through enhancing the functioning of immune system, by triggering white blood cells’ action. Tea tree oil works perfectly when used to fight foot odor, as it works by reducing sweatiness, leaving the foot fresh and clean.